Like skin, hair can be different colors. It can be blond, brown, black,  or red…or something in between – like strawberry blond – which is kind of blond and red – or auburn – which is red and brown. The more melanin your hair has, the darker its color. How much melanin you have depends on your genes, which you get from your parents. Hair color is an identity—when you change it, you can become a different person. I see so many women drastically changing their color at the end of a relationship that I’ve coined it the “breakover”—instead of a makeover. I think it’s an intricate part of the healing process. The right hair color can give confidence, enhance your mood, and make you feel sexy again. I don’t have scientific proof, but I know people feel better when they get up from my chair. 

Some of us have been fortunate enough to avoid  drastic and inevitably unflattering hair color change, often at the hands of your best friend. If you’re even luckier, you’ve made it this far without having to sit down in hairdresser’s chair and hear the words “color correction.” And if you’re really lucky, you’ve avoided the hair colorist’s chair and the bathroom hair dye situation altogether. To those fortunate few, we say mazel tov. The rest of us, for better or worse, have been dyeing, highlighting, balayaging, toning, and glossing enough to make your head spin. Because for the majority of women, hair color is an important part of beauty.