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Finding the right salon for you isn’t as easy as it sounds. Too often, professionals pick a business based on their emotions or out of desperation. Choosing a salon simply because they use your favorite product line and the interior designer really outdid herself isn’t wise. There are a lot of other, far more important factors that go into picking a place that will ensure your long-term happiness. It’s no secret that women put tremendous importance on the look and quality of their hair. We spend millions on haircare from beauty products and tools to extensions and wigs. A beautician you can trust to give you a knockout ‘do and expert care for your tresses is hard to find. Choosing a stylist is creating a relationship. You are hiring someone to create your vision of yourself and they need to be able to understand your requests to deliver them. Make sure you can communicate clearly and openly with them. Your connection with your stylist should not be relegated to the salon chair.

Creating a beautiful hairstyle is only half the job. They should also tell you how to maintain what they’ve given you and educate you on caring for your hair at home so it stays healthy. That is what Entourage Hair Gallery thrives to do every day. The best way to get the truth about a stylist is through a referral, that way you can ask the tough questions like: Are they happy with how their hair is styled? Is their hair healthier since visiting the salon (as a result of advice from the stylist and their own haircare practices)? Do they end up waiting often for the stylist to appear? Referrals from existing clients can help give you a fair and balanced view of the stylist before you spend any hard-earned money.




Carol is an international stylist and the owner of Entourage Hair Gallery, a division of Fisher-Creek & Thornton, LLC.
Carol is a Graduate of New England Hair Academy, Dudley Cosmetology University, Paul Mitchell The School (with honors), Paul Mitchell Advanced Academy & Vidal Sassoon Advanced Academy.
Carol has been in the beauty industry for over 20 years, she has traveled the world in search of knowledge and to learn new technologies and trends.



Kelley is a Hair Designer here in Laurel, MD. She has been doing hair for over 20yrs. Kelly has attributed her success to her belief in healthy hair care along with a healthy scalp. She is also a Colorist, that specializes in natural hair color as well as vivid colors. There are many techniques available to create your desired look and style, and Kelly has definitely mastered the art.


Junior Stylist

Simone Johnson, is a junior stylist with lots of experience on lashes. She is knowledgeable is most styles and cuts. She is also the Understudy to Carol the Owner. Simone’s goal is to one day be able to launch her own product line.



LaToya is a talented and creative natural stylist with over 20 years of experience. Specializing in Locs and braids and other protective styles, LaToya also specializes in children’s hair. Latoya is known as the go-to Natural stylist in Laurel, MD. Her passion for natural hair is like no other and shows in her creative work. Very professional and dedicated and loves what she does.





Brandi is a graduate of the aspen Beauty Academy in Laurel, MD. Brandi is a hair care specialist with extensive stylist training acquired through 11 years of experience in the hair industry. Brandi however has not stopped there, she is also certified from five other institutions, and is currently pursuing a business degree.

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